Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wednesday Greetings!

Hello everyone,

I hope your summer was wonderful – yes, I am using the past tense since I see leaves changing color outside my window and it’s almost time for me to head back to school. My summer started off with high hopes of lazy lemonade-filled days and endless nights of writing and gazing deeply into my characters’ souls. But the reality of it is that I was often too busy with the business end of “being an author” to do more than give my growing e-mail and myspace inboxes passing glances of horror, while my fictional babies suffered from neglect. Ironically, with even more busy-ness looming with my journey back to San Diego and all things MFA less than a week away, I’m forced into making the time to cull through my mailboxes and attend to the neglected quarters of my writing life. (sigh) But enough with the tragedy.

DESIRE is a success! The two big readings that I gave in Atlanta (at Charis and Outwrite) were wonderfully well-attended and the feedback that I’ve gotten regarding the novel and its characters, plot, etc. has been great. Thanks to everyone who made the time to come to these events – sometimes driving large distances – and chatted with me afterward. And those who sent notes of luck and light in lieu of your physical presence, big thanks to you as well.

My last two events in the Atlanta area this year will be for Black Pride and the Decatur Book Festival. Both events are this Labor Day weekend. I’ll be in pretty great company with authors like Fred Smith and Lisa C. Moore (Literary CafĂ© on Saturday afternoon from 4 - 7) then L.A. Banks and Sherman Alexie (Decatur Book Festival on Sunday afternoon 2:30 at the Decatur Conference Center Stage). Check out the sites for more info if you’re interested. and .

Stay tuned for news about signings around the rest of the country. They are coming!

**By the way, those of you who read DESIRE and loved it, please drop by and post a review. Nothing too ornate required. Even a brief, “loved it and can’t get enough” will do. Thanks!**

Until next time, everyone. Be well!