Satisfy Me Again - Excerpt

Chapter 1

The first woman Derrick ever loved left him for his sister. Well, that wasn’t quite the way it went but that was how he liked to think of it. He turned over Tori and Dez’s wedding invitation in his hands, smiling despite the ache of sadness at the delicate scent of ginger that still clung to it.

Victoria Jackson had been perfect for him in every way—professional, intelligent, beautifully put together, not to mention sexy as hell. They met at the University of Miami during his last year of college and her fourth year as a PhD candidate. Because of her he stayed at UM to get his law degree. He even did his clerkship in Miami and took a job in his hometown despite the better offers in New York and Boston.

“What are you thinking about so hard over there, baby?”
Derrick looked toward the sound of his girlfriend’s voice but felt Trish slide her arms around him before he could see her, teasing his nose with her light citrus perfume. He put the invitation face down on the window seat. Beyond the upstairs window of his study, the artificial lake glimmered under the late Saturday morning sun.

“A case,” he said. “Nothing serious.”
The window’s glass mocked him with a glimpse of his lying face—eyes deliberately bland, his mouth, framed by his neatly trimmed goatee, smiling.

“It doesn’t look like it from where I’m standing.”
“I guess you better come closer then.”
He reached around for her, tugging her forward and down until she sat in his lap, straddling him in the oversized leather chair. With a quick motion he pushed the armrests down to seat level so she could get even closer and be more comfortable.

Glimmering black in the light, her straightened hair swung forward along her jaw, framing her almond eyes set against teak skin, the smiling mouth.
“You’re right,” she murmured. “This is better.”
She’d been drinking hot chocolate and the scent of it wafted from her parted lips, brushing over his mouth in a warm stream.
“Did you leave me any of that hot chocolate?” His hands fell to her hips.

“In the kitchen.”
“What if I want what you’ve already had?”
“Then you’d have to come and get it then.” Her mouth hovered near his.
He chuckled, taking her up on her invitation. The taste of chocolate was still rich on her tongue, vibrant and dark but not as interesting as her own flavor. Her tongue danced with his, licked his teeth, daintily tasted until his dick rose hard between them and she moaned very softly, moving her hips against him.

“I thought you had to go to a meeting?” he asked, his hands already lifting her dress out of the way.
“You thought wrong. Right now—,” she pulled down the top of her dress, baring her small breasts to his gaze, his mouth, “—the only get-together that I’m interesting is this one.”

She reached down to grasp him, to peel the thin cotton pajama bottoms from the thickness of him rising between them. Derrick fumbled in the top drawer of his desk for a condom, ripped the package open, and slid the latex over his dick. They both gasped as he slid inside her.