Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to 2012! A new year and a chance to be an even better you or, at very least, to pursue your happiness more fiercely and taste all the honey this life has to offer.

I spent Christmas with a set of star-shaped lights I bought in Jamaica over seven years ago, happy to see them still working after all this time. I love Christmas lights! Watching the lights wink on and off in their own particular rhythm reminded me of spending evenings in my old Atlanta apartment sipping merlot while the yellow, blue, green, and red lights bathed my otherwise dark living room in color. It's the little things.

Have a beautiful 2012. May it be as wonderful as last year but filled with even more positive changes, more love, and more happiness.

- Fiona

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December 2011 Newsletter

December Greetings!

First, I'd like to send out special holiday love to the soldiers serving abroad this holiday and away from their beloveds and friends. Stay safe, be strong, and come back to us soon.

Also, a big welcome to my new newsletter subscribers. Thank you for clicking that "subscribe" button or for reaching out to me with a personal email or message. I very much appreciate the time you take to read my notes and to respond.

During this season of giving and receiving, I find myself thankful for the things I already have. In the words of a tiny prayer I said as a child in Jamaica, I remain thankful for "health and strength and the food we are about to eat. Amen!" Also for the friends and family and other ships passing by in the night who have made this life more than bearable.

My body does most things I ask of it, I am thankful.
The sun is shining outside my window, I am thankful.
Strangers reach out to me in friendship and goodwill, I am thankful.

Have a beautiful December!

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November 2011 Newsletter

The Fall has settled firmly around my shoulders here in London. Leaves are on the ground, coats and gloves are on, caps pulled firmly down over the ears. And with that, it's time for me to head back home to the States.

It's been a fabulous two months. The readings in Birmingham and London were amazing, attended by an interested, questioning, and lively audience that I was absolutely thrilled to have. Between the readings and writing, I was able to fly off to Paris, Brighton, and Oxford as well as see most of the touristy parts of London. All in all, a good visit.

Now, with November's arrival, it's time to get cozy with my well-missed beloveds and reconnect with all things home and hearth. Enjoy your own family reconnections this month as Thanksgiving arrives. Keep warm. Give thanks and always be open to receive them.

- Fiona

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October 2011 Newsletter

I'm off and traveling! It's been a whirlwind of a time here in England. Seeing the sights. Writing. Meeting new people. Dancing until 4 a.m. Eating fish and chips. It continues with two official readings - one in Birmingham and another in London - within the next few weeks as well as a few unofficial visits to open mics around the city.

To continue the theme of travel, this month's "Hot Shorts" features my favorite assassin, Wynne (somewhat aged from her last appearance in my fiction) on holiday. Hope you enjoy that tiny peek into her life.

Hugs to you from across the seas!

- Fiona

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September 2011 Newsletter

As summer draws to a close, I find myself increasingly grateful for the deep Florida warmth that lingers with beach days and moonlit, picnic nights long after Autumn wraps us all in its particular colors.

I'd wanted to go to the beach and sip rum runners while my toes curl in the warm sand. But time is not on my side. Instead, I'll be heading to Atlanta for Labor Day Weekend Events then off to Europe for two months to do writing and book signing and research. Warm Florida beach days and nights will be here for me when I get back. I hope.

Happy reading and loving until next time!

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