Tuesday, September 9, 2014

so i love ...

The heat is winding down in Atlanta, hot days cooling down into scarf-worthy evenings. I've been settling into being back from my long trip pretty nicely, making connections with people I've enjoyed from afar and hoping meaningful and fun friendships form as a result.
It's not all anticipation of turning leaves and cool, rainy nights though. With the recent news of a well-loved colleague's renewed battle with cancer, my thoughts have become introspective even as I send her love, healing, and all the positivity in my entire being. The fight isn't an easy one and the love and positive thoughts of those around you are just as important as the drugs they pump into your body and the instruments used to cut danger from the flesh. Those of us who've dealt with it know all too well.
With all this movement going on in the universe, there is still the book tour going on. Next week, I head to Chicago then it's Philly, NYC, and DC. Miles to go and all that.
Have a beautiful September, darlings. Love well.
- Fiona

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Friday, September 13, 2013

The F-Word Reading in Philly!

The F Word: A Reading and Discussion with Fiona Zedde

Join novelist, Fiona Zedde, as she reads from her latest novel, BROKEN IN SOFT PLACES, and discusses the forces of attraction and the fragility of romance in her new and previous work.

Fiona Zedde also invites Sheree L. Greer, author of Once and Future Lovers, to join in on the fun!

The F Word. Philly. Let's go!

This event is free and open to the public!

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Sunday, September 29, 2013 @ 5:30 PM
Giovanni's Room - 345 S. 12th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Returning to an Old Lover

The Fall is a time of change. A time to shed things that no longer serve us as we prepare for the barrenness of winter which eventually ushers in a glorious and vibrant spring.

In keeping with that change, I've left behind the hot and entirely too delicious Miami. Farewell to the beaches, to the two Starbucks within walking distance of my apartment, that barbershop with the gorgeous lady clients who look like they just stepped off a runway. Farewell Miami and hello again to Atlanta, my first love.

I'm excited about this new change even as I prepare to have a different life in the city I came to adulthood in and left twice in pursuit of other things. Possibilities are everywhere I look. Let's see what I can make of this third arrival in this most magical of cities.

- Fiona

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Dangerous Lovers, Vegas Baby, and More!

August greetings!
I've just gotten back from a month of exploring the wilds of Costa Rica and the interior of Jamaica. It was a wonderful trip - seeing places I've never experienced before, meeting new people, and visiting with my family. 
Traveling to Jamaica for the first time in nearly ten years reconnected me with so many people who I've loved and simply lost contact with due to my own unfortunate "out of sight, out of mind" nature. There was the usual round of tears and the realization that the people I love and once saw nearly every day are now getting older, some getting sick, and will soon be gone from this world.
Seeing my loved ones - my uncles, my father - has made me resolved to go home more often, traveling back to the island on a regular basis instead of gallivanting off to previously unknown places.
That's where balance comes in. And that's where I find myself now in August of 2013. Searching for balance and seeking to hold my beloveds closer to my heart and to my sight as I go through this life. I don't want any of them - friends included - to leave this world not knowing how I care for them, and that I care for them enough to forgo a foreign expedition so I can hold them in my eyes and arms again.
- Fiona

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Every Dark Desire - the poem.

Last month at my book release party in Tampa, a couple of fab queer spoken word artists created original poems about my work. Their enthusiasm for my work and their desire to write something original for the party carried me on a tide of happiness all night. This tasty bite is from Adrien Julious
Every Dark Desire - a poem by Adrien Julious.
This is home
This sand that has shifted time and space under my toes
Under my back 
I want to lay here
Joining home with love until it is all the same
Looking up
Watching the moon and the sun play double dutch with the sky
Until I feel the tide lapping at my feet
As my lover brings me to the throes of passion
In this moment I forget that it is she who has denied me this glimpse,
this smell, this feel of my home
Who turned me into a beast so that mango and cassava no longer quench
my thirst like the blood of a young man
Who stole me away from my ancestors
She was busy writing my present with palms and fangs
While I alternated between pain and pleasure
Mentally and physically
Internally and externally
As lightning bolted into my pussy
And blood from my brain rushed towards my clit
I could only think of all the losses I'd suffered because of this beast
And all the gains
But is everlasting life and carnal fucking worth my daughter and my family
These thoughts tossed backwards and forwards in my head
As Silvija fucked me harder, faster, and deeper
Pushing free thoughts out of my mind and every dark desire into where
my soul used to be
I didn't know if I still had a soul
If it had been replaced years ago in that hotel room or
If I had been replacing it with bits and pieces of the humans I had
stolen life juice from
And in this moment as Silvija grips my hips with her hands
Blazing fire into the pit of my belly
As my body plays rocking horse moving frantically across the sand
And I begin to cum
Howling at the moon of my ancestors
I think of how I will ravage her pussy with my tongue
And every dark desire is all that matters.