Tuesday, September 9, 2014

so i love ...

The heat is winding down in Atlanta, hot days cooling down into scarf-worthy evenings. I've been settling into being back from my long trip pretty nicely, making connections with people I've enjoyed from afar and hoping meaningful and fun friendships form as a result.
It's not all anticipation of turning leaves and cool, rainy nights though. With the recent news of a well-loved colleague's renewed battle with cancer, my thoughts have become introspective even as I send her love, healing, and all the positivity in my entire being. The fight isn't an easy one and the love and positive thoughts of those around you are just as important as the drugs they pump into your body and the instruments used to cut danger from the flesh. Those of us who've dealt with it know all too well.
With all this movement going on in the universe, there is still the book tour going on. Next week, I head to Chicago then it's Philly, NYC, and DC. Miles to go and all that.
Have a beautiful September, darlings. Love well.
- Fiona

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