Monday, August 30, 2010

September, Awake and Ready!

It's the rainy season. For days at a time, the earth outside my windows gets rejuvenated by torrents of delicious rain. From safe under my roof, the sound is music; a frantic/tranquil chorus that can lull you into a deep sleep or wake you from one. Sounds of a beautiful Summer winding down into Fall.

My summer's end means the coming to a close of one of my current projects--the young adult novel due on the shelves April 30, 2011. Closing that project folder leaves me space to start at least one thing and I'm torn between putting time into the sequel to Every Dark Desire or the more literary novel in progress, Language of the Broken. Choices, choices. Both are a pleasure to dive into so maybe I'll end up working on both simultaneously.

Happy Autumn beginnings to you and everyone you love. Enjoy the thunder and the storms. Stay dry, if you wish. Be saturated, if you desire. Be contented.


Coming To Your Town?

The release of the new book is only five (5!) short months away. To gear up for Dangerous Pleasures hitting the shelves, I'm in the process of planning signings and readings around the U.S., Canada, and possible the U.K.

So far, I've signed up to be in Atlanta, GA - Austin, TX - Chicago, IL - Tampa, FL with more cities to be announced.

If you want me to make a stop in your city, drop me an email to let me know and I'll do my best to get there.


Upcoming Workshops

Write Your Novel Workshop

If you've always wanted to write that novel or you have one "in progress," this workshop is for you. In this series of writing sessions, we will push forward with our novel writing projects, explore methods to get beyond writers' block, make our stories come alive, and take the book to the next level. 

Location/Date/Time - To be announced. 

To sign up for the workshop taking place in the late fall, or to find out more, contact me at

Publish Your Novel Workshop

You've written that novel, now what? Sign up for this workshop to find out the next steps to take. In these sessions, we'll talk about what publishers are looking for, how to get your book publisher/agent-ready, and how you can make the process work for you. 

Location/Date/Time - To be announced. 

To sign up for the workshop taking place in the winter, or to find out more, contact me at

Drawing for a Signed Copy of Dangerous Pleasures

Enter a raffle to win an autographed copy of the latest Fiona Zedde novel, Dangerous Pleasures, shipped directly to your door.

The cost of a raffle ticket is $1. To put your name in the hat, email me at The winner of the raffle gets a bonus prize if they answer the question:

In Hungry For It, what is the perfume that Claudia wears?

Good Luck!


Rumi Verse of the Month

I have lived on the lip
of insanity

Wanting to know reasons
Knocking on a door.

It opens

I have been knocking
from the inside.

~ Rumi


Hot Shorts

"Study Session" Part IV

Mercedes immediately shrugged out of her shirt, throwing it in the general direction of the door.  Tessa moaned low in her throat.  She knew it.  Mercedes was stacked.

The hours she had spent burning out her imagination time and time again with visions of Mercedes’ breasts, nothing could compare to the reality of wide, strawberry-textured nipples, dark, like the perfectly ripe fruit, bleeding between her teeth. 

“Sit on the bed.”

When the woman did as she was told, Tessa immediately dropped to her knees and took a nipple in her mouth.  She wasn’t gentle.  Tessa pushed her nose into the sweat-scented skin, clawing at Mercedes’ back to get even closer.  She wanted to suffocate in the other woman’s flesh.

Tessa bit, sucked, licked until Mercedes was moaning, rubbing herself against the seam of her jeans, and when that wasn’t enough, she slid the zipper down, finger fucking herself until Tessa pushed her hand away.

“Not with me, you won’t.”

She drew the other woman’s cum-stained fingers into her mouth, licking them one by one.  Mercedes watched her with lazy lidded eyes, her lips parted on a silent moan as she allowed Tessa to push her onto her back.  Then with a sigh, one of regret, Tessa took both of Mercedes’ hands and pushed them to the strawberry nipples.

“Play with these, I’ll be busy for a little while.”

Tessa paused to make sure that her instructions were being followed, but with Mercedes she never had to repeat herself.  She was a very good student.  Tessa watched as Mercedes arched her back, bringing her hands up to cup her heavy breasts and stroke saliva wet nipples.  Tessa’s breath caught.  So fucking beautiful…

The other woman’s impatient moans brought her back to the matter at hand.  She bent her head, licking her way the other woman’s quivering her belly until she came to the barrier of cloth.

“You could take a lesson, you know.”  She murmured as she dragged Mercedes’s sticky-wet panties off along with her jeans.

Mercedes laughed deep in her throat, still squeezing her own nipples, the heavy flesh of her breasts overflowing her hands.

“Why are you always laughing?”

“Because life is beautiful, it makes me happy.”  Mercedes gasped at the first brush of Tessa’s breath on her engorged clit.  “Right now, you make me happy.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls,” Tessa breathed.  Her nose lingered over the sea-foam scent of her, drinking it in deep, before allowing her mouth to become involved in the feast.  She directed a cool stream of air at Mercedes’ soaked slit, then hot.  The thighs on either side of her head threatened to close.  Mercedes moaned.

“I am so ready for this.”  She whispered before moving her tongue, once across the plump little button. Sweet.  Mercedes tasted so damn sweet.

The hot flesh swam under her tongue, firm and wet like late summer muscadines swollen in the heat of the sun.  Juice dripped down Tessa’s chin a she groaned into the oozing wet pussy.  Mercedes undulated under her, Tessa’s earlier instructions forgotten.

Her fingers were clenched in the sheets as she watched Tessa’s every movement, her lips parted in a breathless O, her lean body striated with muscle and awash in sweat.  This was every one of Tessa’s fantasies come true.

Her senses felt close to overload with the smell, taste, and sound of Mercedes, goddess-created and more responsive than Tessa had even dreamed as she groaned and writhed on the bed.

Tessa’s fingers slipped against the heated and damp skin as she tried to latch onto the wild thing under her.  That was all right.  She had better things to do with her hands anyway.  Tessa slid two fingers inside Mercedes and felt her own pussy clench.  She was so wet, so hot.  She felt so damn good.  Her fingers reached deeper, her tongue worked faster.

“Fuck!” Mercedes’ hips bucked against her mouth and fingers, thrashing fiercely as she came, alternately whispering and screaming Tessa’s name.  Her gasps were loud in the sunlit room.

She slowly caught her breath.

“That was really fun.”  Tessa stood balanced over Mercedes, a grin dancing on her wet mouth.

“No shit?”

The words came out breathless and low.  She reached up to trail long, pussy-slick fingers down Tessa’s cheeks.  She smiled into Tessa’s eyes before kissing her lightly on the mouth, a butterfly touch that sent tiny aftershocks ricocheting through Tessa’s body.

Then Mercedes extended her tongue with its silver adornment and licked at Tessa’s face, lapping her own cunt juice from her lover’s chin, cheeks, and mouth.  She sucked on a full lower lip and took it between her teeth before kissing the corners of Tessa’s mouth, first one then the other.

“Does that mean that this is the end of our session for today?”

Mercedes shook her head and tongued the parted lips above hers.

“Honey, we’re just getting started.”

Tessa shifted above her and pinched Mercedes’ nipple, then stroked it in response to the music of the other woman’s quiet groan.

Desire rolled inside her like a tsunami, flooding her thighs again, making her tongue wet with the urge to taste Mercedes again and again.  She wet her lips.  “Maybe we can get an extension on that presentation?”

Mercedes couldn’t seem to find the words to say no.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dangerous Pleasures cover now live on Yes! -

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August Pleasures

Author's Note

Summer is flying by and all, too soon, will be past us. Backyard barbecues, sunsets on the beach, and hot afternoons running through sprinklers are moments to be savored and cherished. So far, my short and hot summer has been spent writing the young adult novel, Dreaming in Color, taking pre-orders for the January-bound novel of erotic romance, Dangerous Pleasures, and getting to know my first ever Smart Phone. All while making time for trips to the beach, of course. Once I've finished the novel, I will be hosting a series of how-to workshops on publishing and writing in the Tampa Bay area. Stay tuned. Keep enjoying your summer. Be well.  And, as always, thanks for reading the words I love to write. - Fiona


Dangerous Pleasures Pre-Order

It's officially official! According to Amazon UK, Dangerous Pleasures will be available on January 25, 2011. If you want your autographed copy mailed by that date (or before), send me a private email to ( and get a jump on everyone else.


Upcoming Workshops

Write Your Novel Workshop  

If you've always wanted to write that novel or you have one "in progress," this workshop is for you. In this series of writing sessions, we will push forward with our novel writing projects, explore methods to get beyond writers' block, make our stories come alive, and take the book to the next level. Location/Date/Time - To be announced.To sign up for the workshop taking place in the late fall, or to find out more, contact me at  

Publish Your Novel Workshop  

You've written that novel, now what? Sign up for this workshop to find out the next steps to take. In these sessions, we'll talk about what publishers are looking for, how to get your book publisher/agent-ready, and how you can make the process work for you. Location/Date/Time - To be announced.To sign up for the workshop taking place in the winter, or to find out more, contact me at


Rumi Verse of the Month

Come into me 

that way again. 

Like a fresh idea
in an artist's mind.                 


Hot Shorts

For previous installments of this short story and other stories, see earlier blog posts.

"Study Session" Part III

She lay drowsing under the window with the sun heavy and stinging warm on her belly when Mercedes came by for their study session on Sunday afternoon. She was early.
Tessa turned her head at the sound of the knock, but didn’t bother to get up.

“Come on in.”

Mercedes looked around the room, eyes moving briefly over the obvious lack of furniture and the pillows strewn everywhere to the girl lying in the sun, with only a threadbare rug between her back and the hard floor.

“Where’s your roommate.”

“At her boyfriend’s place.”

“Good. Because there’s something we need to get out of the way before we start on our presentation.”

"What?” Tessa sat up.

After last night, she was sure that Mercedes would call to cancel or at least postpone their last session. Mercedes propped her book-bag against the closed door and slid the lock home.

“I know what you want, Tess. And obviously you can’t handle it. So I’m going to let go of all this tension for you… for both of us.”

Tessa stared into the unblinking eyes of the other woman before she stood up and walked past her to get to the bathroom. “Don’t play games with me, Mercedes.”

Her hands were shaking. What was this shit? Here was Mercedes, the woman who slithered through her day and twilight dreams, making it sound like … well like she wanted her. Tessa closed the bathroom door pressed her solitary aching weight against it.

She took a deep breath. Please be gone when I open this door. She picked up a washrag off the metal towel rack and put it under the cold tap.

The low sound of Mercedes calling her name reached Tessa from behind the door. Then the catch released and the door opened. In the mirror, Tessa watched Mercedes come to her.

The first sting of her tongue, an insistent snake at the back of her neck, snapped Tessa’s body to attention. She dropped the wet cloth.   The hands enfolding her breasts from behind had her own fingers curling into the edge of the sink, her breath scraping roughly in an unbearably dry throat. Tessa moaned and arched into those fingers, begging them to touch her nipples, stroke her harder.

“So is this what you want?”

All she could do was groan and push her ass against the zipper of Mercedes’s jeans, trying to prolong the electricity firing in her belly. Teeth opened on her neck and sank into the straining flesh.

“Is this what you think about in class?”   Blunt nails raked the inside of her thigh. “Did you want me to fuck you in the library?”

Mercedes’s hand pushed up the hem of Tessa’s skirt clawing at the hot skin as it raised the cotton higher. Her fingers brushed bare hips. A low growl of appreciation rumbled in her throat.

“No panties, Tessa? You were expecting me to come.”
Tessa groaned at the first teasing brush of fingers at the top of her thighs.

“Open your legs for me, baby.”

She helplessly obeyed, gasping when Mercedes’s thumb stroked her clit.

“Do you want this?”

“Yes. Please.”

The mirror teased her with its image of them, Mercedes’s tongue a tease at her earlobe, her hand stroking Tessa’s breast and nipple. But it was what she couldn’t see that pulled the breath from her lungs: Mercedes’s fingers sliding around her wetness, flicking against her clit, making her hips jerk against her hand.

An electric current jolted between her nipples and her cunt as pin-wheeled behind her closed eyelids. Her belly tightened and she fell apart with Mercedes’s teeth at her neck, her thumb hard against her clit. Her breathing was ragged, loud in the little bathroom, as she came as quietly as she could.

Through the wall she could hear her neighbor’s stereo, the sound of laughing boys. Tessa closed her eyes to the girl in the mirror, to her sweat-drenched skin and swollen lips.

“None of that, mouse,” Mercedes said with a soft laugh. We’re not done yet.”

Damn right.

Tessa was in a daze, but if this was all she was going to get of her Mercedes fantasy, then she was going to make the most of it. She turned around in Mercedes’s arms and kissed her.

A shifting push/pull of wet flesh, full lips and a pierced tongue that set her clit to jumping again. She slid her hands up under Mercedes’s shirt, palms flat against her belly and pushed her out the bathroom.

“True,” she said, her eyes drowsy but intent.

“Now the mouse wakes up. I think I’m going to like this.”

“You talk a lotta shit, you know that?” Tessa didn’t wait for an answer.

She pushed until the backs of Mercedes’s knees touched the bed, still engaging her tongue in that clit firing dance.

“I want to see your tits.”

(to be continued)