Friday, August 31, 2012

Love and Lust in Miami!

Greetings from Miami!

It's been an interesting and hectic transition from small city to metropolis over the last few weeks but, little by little, things seem to be settling down into a working rhythm. Writing, unpacking, planning my first trip to the beach, and writing some more.

I've been swamped with projects this month - a short story and two novels in progress - that threaten my sanity even as the characters surprise and delight me on their journey to what I hope will be a perfect ending for all three. The short story, "Return to Me," is available now on the Kindle and Nook and the first of the novels, Broken in Soft Places will be in stores May 2013.

With all this writing, I'll be missing out on Atlanta Black Pride this year. For all those who will be there and enjoying the festivities, have at least one hair-whipping, sweat-dripping, hip-gyrating dance for me. I'll be at home imagining the glory of the streets and clubs of Atlanta packed with my beautiful people.

Happy September!

- Fiona

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Queering Film

Another bad lez-ploitation film created by a straight man and starring straight women? We'll get the chance to see soon.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Broken in Soft Places - A New Novel (Coming May 2013)

I know it's way too soon. But I wanted to share the cover of my new book coming out many, many months from now because it's so lovely. Over the next few months, I'll share more and more about the book - what it's about, the characters, where to purchase. For now, with Bold Strokes Books, here's Broken in Soft Places.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Neighborhood Musings

Yesterday, as I sat on my rented front porch watching the neighborhood past by, the woman came twaddling down the street - butt rocking, arms swinging, looking ready for an animated conversation with somebody, dammit! Luckily, a friend came walking from the other direction in that moment and the twaddler jumps right into this animated conversation about how somebody she dealt with thought she was DEAD.

Quickly enough, she leaps from this to cussing somebody out. Calls this woman a storm-load of muthaf's and that kind of bitch and the other, then she says, "I can't stand that bulldagga (haven't heard that since high school). That under-cover bulldagga bitch." She says this in a matter-of-fact way, but very serious.

At first I think, "Bitch! Don't no-body want you!" But that might not be true. There's somebody out there for everybody.

Once I stop reacting to her homophobia, I begin to wonder if the real "sin" of this foe of hers was to be "under-cover" versus "up-front with her shit"? I wonder this, because nearly every day, I see this young butch girl - always rapping ghetto-romance lyrics out loud, sometimes sexually explicit lyrics about women. I'm not sure if these are her lyrics or she's just imitating what she's heard. I'm not current enough to know the difference. My point is, no one seems to give her any shit for being OUT (except for her high voice and titty bumps, my visiting friend thought she could pass for a boy), and she's very visible in the community.

Would the twaddler, and perhaps other members of the community, respect or deal better with this "bulldagga" if she was out?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Deadline like a hammer.

My new self-imposed deadline is a beast. 50,000 - 60,000 total within about a month (16K already done!). I know if I keep off Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Tumblr/Etc. I could get a lot more done than what I did today (5,516) but I'm still pleased to have hit that mark. These thousands of words are not polished by any means but I just need to keep pushing forward to get the project done and in the proper hands.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Changes and New Writing Coming Soon.

Miami is a beautiful, electric city. I don't know why I'd forgotten that in the last few years since I've really been here. I'm getting used to being a resident versus being a visitor and it IS quite an adjustment. The traffic is ridiculous and I need to get my Spanish up to par.

On the work front, I have a short story coming out in Best Lesbian Erotica 2013. Helen Sandler, Tenille Brown, and Sally Bellerose, who I've had the pleasure of working with and/or meeting before, are in the collection along with some other writers of juicy erotica. Check out the cover below.

Pre-order HERE.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Welcome to August!

Dearest Ones,

I took a break from writing for inspiration and soul replenishment in late June through July. Because of this long "road trip," I was too caught up to do my July newsletter but now I'm back on track!

During my time on the road, I taught a great writing workshop in Atlanta, enjoyed some absolutely delicious frozen yogurt (and other snacks) in downtown Decatur, and then went off for a three-week jaunt to Greece.

After such completely invigorating experiences, I'm completely draining myself in a rushed move to Miami. But I hope once I get settled into my new city, I'll feel nothing but love and creativity.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and may the rest of your month be blessed by cool breezes.

- Fiona

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