Friday, August 31, 2012

Love and Lust in Miami!

Greetings from Miami!

It's been an interesting and hectic transition from small city to metropolis over the last few weeks but, little by little, things seem to be settling down into a working rhythm. Writing, unpacking, planning my first trip to the beach, and writing some more.

I've been swamped with projects this month - a short story and two novels in progress - that threaten my sanity even as the characters surprise and delight me on their journey to what I hope will be a perfect ending for all three. The short story, "Return to Me," is available now on the Kindle and Nook and the first of the novels, Broken in Soft Places will be in stores May 2013.

With all this writing, I'll be missing out on Atlanta Black Pride this year. For all those who will be there and enjoying the festivities, have at least one hair-whipping, sweat-dripping, hip-gyrating dance for me. I'll be at home imagining the glory of the streets and clubs of Atlanta packed with my beautiful people.

Happy September!

- Fiona

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