Friday, November 12, 2010

Beautiful October

Author's Note

Except for that crucial touch of coolness in the early mornings and at night, early fall in southern Florida is about the same as late summer. It's still sun-dresses, picnics, warm rain, and afternoons at the beach. 

With this fabulous weather it's easy for me to think that summer is still here, but the holiday season is close. Halloween, Samhain, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, the New Year. They’re all just around the bend. 

Keeping an eye on the lightning passing of days, I’ve had to push back a few things that I’d planned for fall—like my writing and publishing workshops—while making sure that I stick to other deadlines that have less flexibility. Happily, it all goes on.

I've started something new with the "Hot Shorts" segment of the newsletter. Instead of my fiction, I'll sometimes have guest authors share some of their hot short stories. If you, or anyone you know, have a hot short you want to share, please send me an email.
Have a beautiful October! Talk with you again soon.


Hot Shorts

The Real Thing
by Beth Wylde

I shoved my way inside the crowded coffee shop, ignoring the complaints of the customers waiting impatiently for their caffeine fix. There was only one thing in the store I wanted, and it didn't come in a tiny, styrofoam cup.

My gaze roamed the store, a sudden shiver passing through me as my eyes landed on the curvy figure sitting at the back table all alone. My heart thudded in my chest and my panties grew wet. After six months of online foreplay my body was ready for the real thing. Judging by the look on my internet lover's face, she was entertaining the same thought.

Mandy jumped up and strode toward me, her lone coffee forgotten on the table. She leaned sideways as we embraced, her lips grazing the shell of one ear. "Remember the first fantasy you told me about? The wild one?" I could only nod my head when she grabbed my hand. "I got us a room." 

I'd known where we were headed the moment I agreed to meet her in person. Half a year of celibacy was about to end. My pussy was totally on board with the plan.
I let her tug me out of the shop, our steps fast and furious as we hurried to the motel down the street. It was naughty and insane and so illicit I was about to leave a wet spot in my jeans. "Oh God. We have to hurry." My knees felt weak.

Mandy put her arm around me and pulled a worn-looking keycard out of her purse.  "I know. Me too."
We both started running down the hall. I nearly crashed into her when she stopped in front of door number fifteen. "This is it."
I grunted in reply as Mandy fought to get the bent-up passkey to work. If the real sex was half as good as the online version I'd be a well satisfied woman. I'd done and talked about things online with Mandy that I'd never spoken to another soul about. She knew all my deepest, darkest secrets.  We were about to make fantasy number one come true now—hot sex in a seedy motel.
There were plenty more kinky adventures on my to do list but I couldn't think that far ahead. My brain had turned off the minute I'd laid eyes on her. My clit was doing the thinking for me and I was fine with that.

The light on the scanner had barely turned green when she pulled me inside. Mandy kicked the door shut with one foot and pushed me up against the wall. I felt the vibration of my back hitting the wood all the way down to my toes. Her urgency set my nerves to humming, ratcheting up the tension until I was ready to beg for her to touch me.

"Mandy, please!"
"Please what?" One hand strayed from its perch on my hip to the top of my jeans. She jerked the button open with a twist of her wrist. I couldn’t help groaning.
The sound of my zipper parting seemed loud in the hushed confines of the room, overshadowed only by my harsh and heavy breathing.
"Are you wet for me?"

Wet? I was fucking soaked. "Yes. I'm so turned on I can't stand it anymore. I need you." I'd never been able to orgasm without some type of physical stimulation but at the moment I thought it might actually be possible.
"How bad do you need me?"
I sucked in a deep breath and fought to calm my racing pulse. My heart was beating so hard in my chest I was worried she could hear it. "Bad, Mandy. Real bad. I need you to fuck me. I want to come screaming your name. " My clit pulsed in time with my request.

Her hand pushed inside my jeans and the muscles in my stomach contracted. Her free hand started pulling my pants down as her fingers inched their way inside my panties. I moved my hips and spread my feet in encouragement. Her finger had barely touched my slit when she found the proof of my statement. "Good lord, you're drenched." Her fingertip tapped against my clit and I bucked, my ass banging hard against the door.
"Yes, I am, and we're both wearing too many clothes."
 After that it was a race to see who could get undressed and get to the bed first. I beat her, but not by much.
"I rented the room for three hours," Mandy informed me while I was on my hands and knees, grappling to throw the wrinkled comforter off the bed. She grabbed me by the thighs and jerked me backwards. I squealed, the unexpected move catching me off guard.  

I felt the hard edge of something cold nudge against my opening. Before I could question what it was, Mandy pushed forward with one deep stroke and buried a ribbed vibrator deep inside my pussy. At the same time her mouth attached itself to my clit. I looked down between my legs, gasping as the combination of sight and feeling pushed me over the edge. I screamed, the orgasm catching me unaware. I clawed at the bedcovers and shook my way to ecstasy. My head fell down against the bed, my hands and knees shaking while I worked to slow my breathing.
Mandy pulled the toy out of my still spasming cunt, taking a moment to suck the juices off it before sliding her way up next to me on the bed. "Did you enjoy that?"

My reply came out breathy and hoarse. "God yes!" She kissed me and I tasted myself on her lips, but there was something else I wanted to taste more. "Now it's my turn."
I wrapped my arms around her waist, grinding my pelvis against hers in blatant mimicry of sex. Her eyes widened when I palmed first her left and then her right breast. I was busy working my tongue around one hard nipple when she threaded her hands into my hair and began to urge me lower. I paused my oral explorations and grinned up at her. "Is there something I can do for you?"
 Her sigh was full of frustration and pent up need as she tried to push my head past her navel. "Yes. You know there is."

 I took a minute to dip my tongue into her delightfully deep bellybutton. "What do you want? I'm a bit busy." I chuckled against her skin and she broke out in goosebumps.
 "Don't tease, Janie. I'm dying up here."

 I took her plea to heart and positioned myself between her legs, staring at the feast before my eyes. I licked my lips and went straight for her core. The cry she let loose was music to my ears. I was definitely going to add a few more hours onto the bill. I'd known all along the real thing was going to be good but nothing could have prepared me for the workout I got that afternoon.

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Rumi Verse of the Month

Your task is not
to seek for love,
but merely to seek 
and find all the barriers
within yourself that you
have built 
against it.