“Is this where we were heading this whole time?” Claudia asked softly.
Rémi didn’t even know where “this” was. The things she knew in that moment had nothing to do with geography but with need, the wetness coating her underwear, the tingles of arousal weaving through her body, leaving her mouth dry, her pussy wet, her armpits itching, her mind an incoherent mess.
“You kissed me here for the first time,” Claudia murmured, coyness itself. “Do you remember?”
            All of her trembled with need. All of her wanted. Her knees nearly buckled as she jerked the bike to a stop in the sand and dropped down the kickstand. She stumbled back against a tree in the silvered darkness, the rough bark of the palm tree pricking her palms, scraping through her hair. Claudia followed with her wet mouth and forceful hands, unzipping Rémi’s jacket, biting her lips. The delicate noises of her pleasure flowered into the night.
“Inside me,” Rémi gasped. “I need your fingers inside me now.”
Claudia obliged her, yanking apart Rémi’s belt buckle and diving into her wetness with thigh-trembling ease. Rémi braced herself against the tree, widening her legs for her woman. Pleasure shivered through her.

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