“Are you a virgin?” Rille asked with her lips a whisper from hers.

They were out on the balcony now, squeezed in next to another couple already half dressed and moaning into the warm Florida night. The lanterns dipped in the air near them, providing a pseudo light, light to seduce and smoke by, to say and believe anything by. Sara closed her eyes, convinced suddenly of the magic in the night and in this girl by her side.

“Yes.” She felt rather than saw the older girl’s smile.

“We can take care of that for you tonight, if you like.” Rille’s breath teased her lips and Sara felt herself leaning closer to initiate contact.

“I’d like,” she murmured.

Sex was a surprise for Sara, but no miracle. Even with the hazy high blown into her by Rille’s careless mouth, the promise of fulfillment turned out to be just that. The older girl tried everything on her—tongue, fingers, the firm pressure of her thigh, until finally, she found an old dildo with a condom already on it from previous use. Rille stripped it off, looking only half apologetically at Sara as she went quickly inside the room to rinse off the dildo and put a fresh rubber on it.

“This will be better,” Rille said when she came back out to the balcony.

With her jeans discarded and wearing only her skin and a dildo harness, she pulled Sara down on top of her in the couch. Hot delirium, her mouth. Hair exhaling the scent of marijuana smoke as she nuzzled Sara’s throat, encouraged her to touch, whispered sweet filth in her ear. Rille seized the new territory of Sara’s flesh. Opened her. Took her.


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