Sunday, December 29, 2013

Coming in 2014.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The F-Word Reading in Philly!

The F Word: A Reading and Discussion with Fiona Zedde

Join novelist, Fiona Zedde, as she reads from her latest novel, BROKEN IN SOFT PLACES, and discusses the forces of attraction and the fragility of romance in her new and previous work.

Fiona Zedde also invites Sheree L. Greer, author of Once and Future Lovers, to join in on the fun!

The F Word. Philly. Let's go!

This event is free and open to the public!

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Sunday, September 29, 2013 @ 5:30 PM
Giovanni's Room - 345 S. 12th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Returning to an Old Lover

The Fall is a time of change. A time to shed things that no longer serve us as we prepare for the barrenness of winter which eventually ushers in a glorious and vibrant spring.

In keeping with that change, I've left behind the hot and entirely too delicious Miami. Farewell to the beaches, to the two Starbucks within walking distance of my apartment, that barbershop with the gorgeous lady clients who look like they just stepped off a runway. Farewell Miami and hello again to Atlanta, my first love.

I'm excited about this new change even as I prepare to have a different life in the city I came to adulthood in and left twice in pursuit of other things. Possibilities are everywhere I look. Let's see what I can make of this third arrival in this most magical of cities.

- Fiona

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Dangerous Lovers, Vegas Baby, and More!

August greetings!
I've just gotten back from a month of exploring the wilds of Costa Rica and the interior of Jamaica. It was a wonderful trip - seeing places I've never experienced before, meeting new people, and visiting with my family. 
Traveling to Jamaica for the first time in nearly ten years reconnected me with so many people who I've loved and simply lost contact with due to my own unfortunate "out of sight, out of mind" nature. There was the usual round of tears and the realization that the people I love and once saw nearly every day are now getting older, some getting sick, and will soon be gone from this world.
Seeing my loved ones - my uncles, my father - has made me resolved to go home more often, traveling back to the island on a regular basis instead of gallivanting off to previously unknown places.
That's where balance comes in. And that's where I find myself now in August of 2013. Searching for balance and seeking to hold my beloveds closer to my heart and to my sight as I go through this life. I don't want any of them - friends included - to leave this world not knowing how I care for them, and that I care for them enough to forgo a foreign expedition so I can hold them in my eyes and arms again.
- Fiona

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Every Dark Desire - the poem.

Last month at my book release party in Tampa, a couple of fab queer spoken word artists created original poems about my work. Their enthusiasm for my work and their desire to write something original for the party carried me on a tide of happiness all night. This tasty bite is from Adrien Julious
Every Dark Desire - a poem by Adrien Julious.
This is home
This sand that has shifted time and space under my toes
Under my back 
I want to lay here
Joining home with love until it is all the same
Looking up
Watching the moon and the sun play double dutch with the sky
Until I feel the tide lapping at my feet
As my lover brings me to the throes of passion
In this moment I forget that it is she who has denied me this glimpse,
this smell, this feel of my home
Who turned me into a beast so that mango and cassava no longer quench
my thirst like the blood of a young man
Who stole me away from my ancestors
She was busy writing my present with palms and fangs
While I alternated between pain and pleasure
Mentally and physically
Internally and externally
As lightning bolted into my pussy
And blood from my brain rushed towards my clit
I could only think of all the losses I'd suffered because of this beast
And all the gains
But is everlasting life and carnal fucking worth my daughter and my family
These thoughts tossed backwards and forwards in my head
As Silvija fucked me harder, faster, and deeper
Pushing free thoughts out of my mind and every dark desire into where
my soul used to be
I didn't know if I still had a soul
If it had been replaced years ago in that hotel room or
If I had been replacing it with bits and pieces of the humans I had
stolen life juice from
And in this moment as Silvija grips my hips with her hands
Blazing fire into the pit of my belly
As my body plays rocking horse moving frantically across the sand
And I begin to cum
Howling at the moon of my ancestors
I think of how I will ravage her pussy with my tongue
And every dark desire is all that matters.

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Polyamory Article, Ode to Every Dark Desire, and More! (July Newsletter)

A few days ago, I left the house to go to an art opening. It had been a long day of half-assed editing and disappointment with my Work in Progress, so it was high time I left the house to do something a little less like work. But, on the way to the art gallery, I made a left turn instead of a right; driving to the beach instead of the art district where there was free sushi, great new art, and friends waiting to be enjoyed.

When I got there, the beach was lovely and peaceful. With only a scattering of people, the sun hidden behind evening clouds, and sunset not too far off. I lay back in the sand and my mind settled. I watched the waves and felt at peace. In that moment, I really appreciated being in Miami. There’s nothing like having the beach close by and living in a city that’s almost too beautiful to be real.  

That evening as I lay looking up at the sky, I realized that Miami, as heavy as it is, can sometimes help to lift a weight from your shoulders.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

PLEASURE UNDER THE SUN - a Harlequin Kimani Romance - Coming January 2014

Check out my homegirl's new book, coming in January. Check out the plot below and pre-order it from anywhere you buy your books!

Passion is the ultimate seducer

They meet at an invitation-only party in Miami. Desire instantly ignites. Financial advisor Bailey Hughes knows better than to get involved with playboy Seven Carmichael. But the gorgeous, world-renowned sculptor refuses to take no for an answer. And soon Bailey finds herself aboard a private yacht—enjoying days and nights of pleasure beyond her hottest fantasies.

The moment he saw her, Seven was obsessed. From Key West to an intimate Jamaican paradise, he’s embarked on a campaign of seduction to make Bailey his. With a passion the wary businesswoman can’t resist, he’s breaking down all her defenses. What will it take to win what he wants and needs most—Bailey’s carefully guarded heart?

Monday, June 3, 2013

June 2013 Newsletter

Happy June!

I'm still riding high from the parties in celebration of my new book, first in Tampa and then in Atlanta over the last couple of weekends. The reception of Broken in Soft Places has been mostly good so far. I hope that trend continues. 

Don't forget that if you enjoyed what you read, please don't keep it a secret. Post your reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Lulu, Goodreads, and any other places you can think of.

Over the past few months, I've been steadily writing and have barely raised my head to look out into the world. The book and its parties have thrown open the door to my cave. It's been nice to socialize with people, chat about literature, eat cake, and see what's going on around me. Who knew it was so nice out here?

- Fiona

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May, loves!

It's not only National Masturbation Month, it's also the month my new book - BROKEN IN SOFT PLACES - comes out.  I'm super excited as always for both. National Masturbation Month gives us an excuse to pay attention to our pleasures and to our bodies, enjoy them, explore them and learn what we like so we can offer ourselves and our partners a knowledge of our own bliss.

And I'm also excited - WAY more excited, actually - that it's time for another book of mine to hit the shelves. When a new book comes out, I celebrate another year of living and of being able to do what I love, which is keep writing and sharing my stories with readers new and old.

With this new milestone, I raise my glass to every one of you who has borrowed, purchased, shared, talked about, and otherwise spread the word of my work. Thank you so, so much.


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Monday, April 1, 2013

New Fiona Zedde Novel, May 14, 2013

The instant Sara Chambers meets the seductive and sinful Merille Thompson, she falls hard; but knowing the difference between love and a dangerous, all-consuming desire is just one of the lessons Sara must learn before it’s too late.

**Coming soon from Bold Strokes Books, May 14, 2013.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Newsletter!

These days, I find myself in an in-between state. Not happy, not sad. Just coasting. Don't get me wrong, the world is still beautiful and I do manage to pop out of this ennui every once in a while to share a long laugh with a friend, shake my butt on the dance floor, or simply bask in the simple beauty of an afternoon on the beach. But there's something hovering just beyond my reach that I feel I need to grasp. Or, maybe I'm just getting restless again.

In this new and radiant month of March, I'm challenging myself to break out and grasp after that indefinable something that I seem to be looking for. Why not? If there's something eluding or bothering YOU these days, make an effort to fix it. Make an effort to find your contentment. Life is too short not to.


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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vampire Bite Blog Hop

The Vampires I’ve Loved and Will Love Again

I’ve loved vampires almost as long as I’ve been able to read. So, after happily devouring fanged tales by other writers for years, I finally decided to write my own vampire novel. That book is Every Dark Desire.

The response to the book has been strong; my readers either really LOVE the novel or they’re frightened of it and won’t try it. I had one long-time reader buy the book just to support my work; but she only read it a few years later in desperation when she couldn’t sleep and couldn’t find anything else to read in her house. She said once she read the book, though, that it became her favorite of all my books. Hands down. That story blew my mind. How many other people who otherwise love my books didn’t even pick up Every Dark Desire simply because of its vampire content? Before, I used to think, “who doesn’t love vampires?”

Check out the excerpt from Every Dark Desire below and please LIKE the Facebook page for the sequel, Desire at Dawn, which will be in stores in 2014. Besos!


Her blood was ambrosia. Spicy. And hot. It flooded into Naomi’s body in a rush, washing her with power and joy. Under her, Julia chuckled, encouraging her to take more, to suck until she was full.
“I fed well tonight, just for you.
Naomi intended to feed well, too. She pulled deeply at the soft flesh under her mouth, her body unconsciously undulating over Julia, until the pleasure from her feeding and the tingles of arousal tripping across her flesh were one and the same. Julia’s hand clenched in her hair, alternately pulling and pushing at Naomi. Soft gasps tumbled from her open mouth.
Julia’s legs widened and Naomi’s thigh easily fell between them and curled up until it slid against the slippery slit under the dress. Her own body burned brushfire hot. Still sucking, she pulled at her own blouse, ripping away the stolen clothes in her haste to be naked, to find a relief from the heat building inside her. A cooling breeze rippled over her naked skin, but still she burned. Julia’s gasps grew louder with each pull of Naomi’s mouth and press of her thigh. The new vampire’s hands tightened. Julia’s orgasm jetted more blood into Naomi’s open mouth, but still she couldn’t stop. The smaller woman began to fight her, to push at her shoulders, pull her heavy hair, and even buck under Naomi’s heavier body. She started to make desperate mewling noises.
Naomi ignored her and sucked harder. Then something plucked her from her feast and sent her sailing through the air. She landed in the sea with a massive splash and a different salty wet filled her open mouth. Naomi choked and tried to catch her breath before she remembered that she didn’t need to breathe anymore.
“Stop means stop, puppy. You don’t want to kill her, do you?”
Naomi looked up from her sprawl in the water and flipped her heavy wet hair out of her face.
“She’s dead already anyway,” she said.
The vampire who’d spoken looked down at her with contempt then shook her head, turning back to the slight woman still whimpering in the sand. This beast was even taller than Naomi, quite an accomplishment since at almost six feet she’d always been considered ridiculously tall by most.
“And you,” she said, reaching down to help Julia stand up. “Why did you give this thing your blood?  You should have drained it and left it to die.”
“But, Silvija, she—”
Julia’s head snapped back from the force of the giant’s sudden slap. She rocked back on her heels with a blossom of blood appearing abruptly at the corner of her mouth, but she did not fall. Silvija’s grip on her collar saw to that. Naomi watched them for a moment before dropping back into the water with a splash. She felt divine.
Up above, the moon was an incandescent sliver in a sky that was layer upon layer of dark. Dark clouds, dark corona of the moon, dark universe.  Darkness slid inside her, burrowing under her skin to settle into her hollow spaces, filling them. Changing them. She didn’t even feel like Naomi anymore. Her pupils widened. The stars above her were tiny daggers of light, piercing her with their beauty and distant burn. Water lapped against her bare skin, cooling, cleansing. She lazily swam backwards, aware of the two, no four, women on the beach and their talk, but was uninterested in it. The giant, Silvija, still towered over Julia with her wide hands straddling her own hips.
Three others stood slightly behind her, rather like lackeys or lieutenants, watching the giant and her slight companion. No one paid any attention to Naomi. She laughed softly. Then was struck by the musicality of her own voice, rather like a siren’s with its high breathy quality. It had never been like that before. She laughed again, just to hear the sound, and then turned to dive to deeper water. A large hand dropped to her shoulder and held her back. Naomi growled and lashed her fingers across the face looming over her shoulder. It was Silvija. Scarlet trails of shredded flesh and blood opened on the broad face. Then the cuts healed.
“Let that be the first and last time you raise your hand to me, child.”
Naomi glanced at her in disdain. So what if Julia let this woman toss her around like a crocus bag full of breadfruit? Naomi sure as hell was not that cowardly to let that happen to her. She and Silvija were almost the same height, only the giant’s body was broader, more solid and muscular than Naomi’s, rather like a brute, crude and roughly made.
“Fuck off.”
Silvija laughed. Then threw her farther out in the water. “You first.”


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 2013 Newsletter

February greetings!

So, it's not really my birthday anymore. January 24th has come and gone in a blaze of glory, leaving empty wine bottles and pastry containers strewn all over the place. But, the Aquarius cycle continues on until February 18th and so do my festivities.  

A little dancing, a bit more wine. Hopefully a day above 80 degrees so I can go for another swim in the ocean.

So, in honor of living a full and gorgeous life, celebrate with me; celebrate your love and celebrate Blackness. Celebrate you.


- Fiona 

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop Continues...

Thanks for joining me on this latest stop on The Next Big Thing Blog Hop, week 28. I’m taking the baton from the groovy Karis Walsh, who was generous enough to tag me at the last minute as I ran around in a tizzy of my own making.

The purpose of this hop is to expose folks to writers and their work that perhaps they haven’t heard of, whether a new release or a Work in Progress (WIP).

According to the rules of the hop, I will be answering some questions (the same ones for every other blog hopper) about my newest release, Broken in Soft Places (May 2013, Bold Strokes Books). At the bottom of the post, I’ve listed authors who will do the same thing in their blogs next Wednesday January 9th.

What is the working title of your book? I just released a long, short story called “Return to Me” (which is only available digitally for now) and will be publishing a collection of erotic lesbian stories this June in both print and ebook formats. But the book I’m focusing on here is called Broken in Soft Places.

Where did the idea come from for the book? The plot for Broken is a combination of dozens of ideas I’ve had over the years, but the seed of the story comes from a conversation I had with some friends while drinking far too much red wine. The question came up: What would you do if you ended up in an unwanted threesome simply for the sake of pleasing your lover?

What genre does your book fall under? The book is classified as “general fiction” although there is an unconventional romance at its core.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? If I could time travel, I’d bring in a fierce and nubile Eartha Kitt to play my seductress, Rille. Gabrielle Union gives good virgin, so she’d so a great job as Sara.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book? A young woman falls under the spell of a gorgeous, older co-ed and ends up involved in a long-term threesome.

What is the longer synopsis of your book?
Some mornings, Sara Chambers wakes in bed next to her girlfriend and her girlfriend’s lover wondering how she ended up there. Beautiful, successful, and a force to be reckoned with at her Atlanta law firm, Sara is still powerless in her attraction to the rebellious and reckless, Rille Thompson.
As college girlfriends, Sara and Rille’s relationship had been incendiary, burning away Sara’s innocence and self-respect even as it widened her world beyond her wildest imagination. Now, almost twenty years later, Rille still pushes Sara beyond her limits, bringing a third lover into their bed and domestic lives when their monogamy gets stale. The hold Rille has over Sara—and their new lover—becomes as powerful as it is dangerous. Can Sara pull herself free in time, or will her life turn to cinders in the wake of Rille’s powerful flame?

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? The novel is being published by Bold Strokes Books.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? Years and years. It’s the longest time I’ve ever taken to write a book.

Who or What inspired you to write this book? An ex-girlfriend of mine was always encouraging me to stretch myself with the type of fiction that I write. She supported my lesbian erotica but practically dared me to write something different. I wrote a young adult novel over a year ago and now I’m trying this in hopes that the audience that has supported me since my first book in 2005 will follow me with Broken.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? The book is sexy, atmospheric, and has plenty of food porn. Are you piqued yet?

Next Wednesday check out the blogs of Skyy and Brook Blander to find out about their Next Big Thing.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013. The Year of Eros.

I read online today that 2013 is the year of Eros (defined by The Free Dictionary as “creative, often sexual yearning, love, or desire.” Personally, I think every year should be devoted to the principles of Eros. Life is simply much better with these forces actively at work within us. Love and yearning push us to create. They inspire us to be better for the beloved who is within our sights and in our hearts – even if that beloved is a long term partner and has already seen us at our worst.

If you've been cheating yourself of love and desire in recent months or years, this is your excuse to treat yourself better. Love well in 2013. Create. Give everything. Explore.

- Fiona

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