Friday, August 2, 2013

Dangerous Lovers, Vegas Baby, and More!

August greetings!
I've just gotten back from a month of exploring the wilds of Costa Rica and the interior of Jamaica. It was a wonderful trip - seeing places I've never experienced before, meeting new people, and visiting with my family. 
Traveling to Jamaica for the first time in nearly ten years reconnected me with so many people who I've loved and simply lost contact with due to my own unfortunate "out of sight, out of mind" nature. There was the usual round of tears and the realization that the people I love and once saw nearly every day are now getting older, some getting sick, and will soon be gone from this world.
Seeing my loved ones - my uncles, my father - has made me resolved to go home more often, traveling back to the island on a regular basis instead of gallivanting off to previously unknown places.
That's where balance comes in. And that's where I find myself now in August of 2013. Searching for balance and seeking to hold my beloveds closer to my heart and to my sight as I go through this life. I don't want any of them - friends included - to leave this world not knowing how I care for them, and that I care for them enough to forgo a foreign expedition so I can hold them in my eyes and arms again.
- Fiona

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