Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vampire Bite Blog Hop

The Vampires I’ve Loved and Will Love Again

I’ve loved vampires almost as long as I’ve been able to read. So, after happily devouring fanged tales by other writers for years, I finally decided to write my own vampire novel. That book is Every Dark Desire.

The response to the book has been strong; my readers either really LOVE the novel or they’re frightened of it and won’t try it. I had one long-time reader buy the book just to support my work; but she only read it a few years later in desperation when she couldn’t sleep and couldn’t find anything else to read in her house. She said once she read the book, though, that it became her favorite of all my books. Hands down. That story blew my mind. How many other people who otherwise love my books didn’t even pick up Every Dark Desire simply because of its vampire content? Before, I used to think, “who doesn’t love vampires?”

Check out the excerpt from Every Dark Desire below and please LIKE the Facebook page for the sequel, Desire at Dawn, which will be in stores in 2014. Besos!


Her blood was ambrosia. Spicy. And hot. It flooded into Naomi’s body in a rush, washing her with power and joy. Under her, Julia chuckled, encouraging her to take more, to suck until she was full.
“I fed well tonight, just for you.
Naomi intended to feed well, too. She pulled deeply at the soft flesh under her mouth, her body unconsciously undulating over Julia, until the pleasure from her feeding and the tingles of arousal tripping across her flesh were one and the same. Julia’s hand clenched in her hair, alternately pulling and pushing at Naomi. Soft gasps tumbled from her open mouth.
Julia’s legs widened and Naomi’s thigh easily fell between them and curled up until it slid against the slippery slit under the dress. Her own body burned brushfire hot. Still sucking, she pulled at her own blouse, ripping away the stolen clothes in her haste to be naked, to find a relief from the heat building inside her. A cooling breeze rippled over her naked skin, but still she burned. Julia’s gasps grew louder with each pull of Naomi’s mouth and press of her thigh. The new vampire’s hands tightened. Julia’s orgasm jetted more blood into Naomi’s open mouth, but still she couldn’t stop. The smaller woman began to fight her, to push at her shoulders, pull her heavy hair, and even buck under Naomi’s heavier body. She started to make desperate mewling noises.
Naomi ignored her and sucked harder. Then something plucked her from her feast and sent her sailing through the air. She landed in the sea with a massive splash and a different salty wet filled her open mouth. Naomi choked and tried to catch her breath before she remembered that she didn’t need to breathe anymore.
“Stop means stop, puppy. You don’t want to kill her, do you?”
Naomi looked up from her sprawl in the water and flipped her heavy wet hair out of her face.
“She’s dead already anyway,” she said.
The vampire who’d spoken looked down at her with contempt then shook her head, turning back to the slight woman still whimpering in the sand. This beast was even taller than Naomi, quite an accomplishment since at almost six feet she’d always been considered ridiculously tall by most.
“And you,” she said, reaching down to help Julia stand up. “Why did you give this thing your blood?  You should have drained it and left it to die.”
“But, Silvija, she—”
Julia’s head snapped back from the force of the giant’s sudden slap. She rocked back on her heels with a blossom of blood appearing abruptly at the corner of her mouth, but she did not fall. Silvija’s grip on her collar saw to that. Naomi watched them for a moment before dropping back into the water with a splash. She felt divine.
Up above, the moon was an incandescent sliver in a sky that was layer upon layer of dark. Dark clouds, dark corona of the moon, dark universe.  Darkness slid inside her, burrowing under her skin to settle into her hollow spaces, filling them. Changing them. She didn’t even feel like Naomi anymore. Her pupils widened. The stars above her were tiny daggers of light, piercing her with their beauty and distant burn. Water lapped against her bare skin, cooling, cleansing. She lazily swam backwards, aware of the two, no four, women on the beach and their talk, but was uninterested in it. The giant, Silvija, still towered over Julia with her wide hands straddling her own hips.
Three others stood slightly behind her, rather like lackeys or lieutenants, watching the giant and her slight companion. No one paid any attention to Naomi. She laughed softly. Then was struck by the musicality of her own voice, rather like a siren’s with its high breathy quality. It had never been like that before. She laughed again, just to hear the sound, and then turned to dive to deeper water. A large hand dropped to her shoulder and held her back. Naomi growled and lashed her fingers across the face looming over her shoulder. It was Silvija. Scarlet trails of shredded flesh and blood opened on the broad face. Then the cuts healed.
“Let that be the first and last time you raise your hand to me, child.”
Naomi glanced at her in disdain. So what if Julia let this woman toss her around like a crocus bag full of breadfruit? Naomi sure as hell was not that cowardly to let that happen to her. She and Silvija were almost the same height, only the giant’s body was broader, more solid and muscular than Naomi’s, rather like a brute, crude and roughly made.
“Fuck off.”
Silvija laughed. Then threw her farther out in the water. “You first.”



Rupi said...

Every Dark Desire is my most loved book of ALL time. Its sexy and steamy and the story is great. I read it six times so far and have recommended it to lots to people to read. Can we have a sequal please?? :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, steamy read, indeed! Glad I found you on the bloghop!

Jolie du Pre said...

You have always been one of my favorite erotica writers. Excellent excerpt from Every Dark Desire!!!

Angelica Dawson said...

Thanks for the excerpt!!

Fiona Zedde said...

hey Rupi :-). i just signed a contract for the sequel called Desire at Dawn, which i think will be out in 2014 sometime. stay tuned for the actual release date!

blogwheniamdead - thank you! i'll say the same. looking forward to hearing more about VOX.

Jolie - a million thanks. your drive and hard work are inspiring.

Angelica - you're very welcome. thanks for stopping by and taking a look :-).

Anonymous said...

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