Monday, July 1, 2013

The Polyamory Article, Ode to Every Dark Desire, and More! (July Newsletter)

A few days ago, I left the house to go to an art opening. It had been a long day of half-assed editing and disappointment with my Work in Progress, so it was high time I left the house to do something a little less like work. But, on the way to the art gallery, I made a left turn instead of a right; driving to the beach instead of the art district where there was free sushi, great new art, and friends waiting to be enjoyed.

When I got there, the beach was lovely and peaceful. With only a scattering of people, the sun hidden behind evening clouds, and sunset not too far off. I lay back in the sand and my mind settled. I watched the waves and felt at peace. In that moment, I really appreciated being in Miami. There’s nothing like having the beach close by and living in a city that’s almost too beautiful to be real.  

That evening as I lay looking up at the sky, I realized that Miami, as heavy as it is, can sometimes help to lift a weight from your shoulders.

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