Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October, already?

It seems that time truly waits for no one. Here I am flabbergasted that it's October and being hit with the realization that November isn't so far away. Do you realize that Macys already has Christmas decorations up? Ridiculous.

The last few months have been a giant blur of busy-ness. What else is new, right? So, before time gets away from me anymore, I am posting a new blog. Dammit.

The impetus behind all this? Three things. First, my friend, Fred Smith has a new book coming out - Right Side of the Wrong Bed - next month. The second novel from this fabulous Los Angeles resident. Check out his latest book when it hits the shelves as well as his first, Down for Whatever (remember that saucy song by PYT from the early 90's?). The second push, is that that San Diego is burning all over the place. As a result, classes have been cancelled for the week, so I now have a little bit of time to catch up on some things I've been neglecting the last few months. Myspace, beware: I might even have time to check my inbox and respond to some messages, gasp!

And last but not least, news of my latest signing:

Monday, November 5, 2007 @ 6 PM
Cal State LA
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90032
(323) 343-3000

Thanks to everyone who already stopped by to hear about the newest book and to have their copies signed. Your presence is ALWAYS appreciated.

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