Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Post-Valentines Day, Post-Black History Month, and Pre-Easter!

It was an eventful and deflating 2008 and I, like most people, am looking for something better from 2009. But don’t we say that every year? Near the close of 2008, I was supposed to turn in my newest book to the publisher, but because of unforeseen life-changing events (are these things ever seen?), Dangerous Pleasures is still half finished and hanging out somewhere on my computer's hard drive. This means that it will be much delayed. Instead of a June 2009 release the new book will more than likely be out in December just in time for gift giving. Something to keep winter chill from your bones.

In the meantime, check out the cover and blurb:

Erica and Maxine are best friends. Two women who’ve known each other for a lifetime and are close as they are different.

Maxine is a free-spirited lesbian and very much wanted by the ladies in and around her hot Southern California community. Erica, straight and innocent, is a woman just getting out of a painful divorce and looking for an escape from that pain.

While Max slips in and out of affairs, taking pleasure where it bites the sweetest, Erica steps into a dangerous game of anonymous sex-by-dark that transports her to places she’d never dreamed. But the worlds of these best friends are heading for a dramatic collision. At the end of it all, will they or their friendship remain standing?

In the meantime, the new collection Satisfy Me Tonight is now available in stores and online. Check out the cover and have a peek inside at The threesome (Satisfy Me, Satisfy Me Again, plus this latest book) makes the perfect Springtime gift.

Which reminds me, May is National Masturbation Month. I know it’s two months away but it never hurts to look ahead and start celebrating early…

Happy reading and have a wonderful next few months.

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