Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sweet July

It's been a brisk and hectic summer already with plenty already done but lots more to get through. Ever since I got back from Nicaragua I've been promising myself a day at the beach here in Florida but between Hurricane Alex, work to be done, preparing to move, and other things, I have yet to make it. Soon, though.

Fourth of July/Black Pride celebrations in Tampa were fantastic. Fireworks, family, parties, readings, meeting new people, trying to stay dry during the frequent downpours. A great Florida beginning!

I hope your summer has been stellar so far.

Dangerous Pleasures Pre-order

It's officially official! According to Amazon.com UK, Dangerous Pleasures will be available on January 25, 2011.
If you want your autographed copy mailed by that date (or before), send me a private email (f.zedde@gmail.com) and get a jump on everyone else.

Tampa Black Gay Pride 2010

July started off with a beautiful gathering of folks in Tampa, Florida for Tampa Black Pride. Most of the events took place at the Comfort Inn Conference Center and ranged from literary titillation to shake your booty all night and get your drink on fabulousness. 

At Valentine's on Friday night for the Grown Gurls party.

Nora and some of her Grown Gurls at the Meow Myxxer on Friday afternoon

Sorors of Omicron Epsilon Pi

Hot transmen at the Meow Myxxer.

Rapper/Singer Shunda K and her lady.

Sheree L. Greer, writer and host of Oral Fixation, a night of poetry, stories, and more.

Kisses after Midnight now available to everyone. Everywhere.

The artist with a secret passion. An assassin on the hunt. A Jamaican exiled in snow. These are just a few of the women who come to life in this seductive collection of thirteen stories by novelist, Fiona Zedde.

Exploring themes of love, desire, liberation, and loss, these stories take the reader on a journey into the hearts and minds of unforgettable characters who linger long after the last page has turned.

If you read and enjoyed any of Fiona's previous novels - Bliss, Taste of Sin, Every Dark Desire, or Hungry for It - this is an anthology not to be missed.

For a copy of the new ebook in Kindle form, log onto Amazon.com. For a copy of Kisses as a downloadable PDF directly from me and at a reduced price, send an email request to f.zedde@gmail.com.

Rumi Verse of the Month

You are quaffing drink
from a hundred fountains:
whenever any of these hundred yields less,
your pleasure is diminished.
But when the sublime fountain
gushes from within you,
no longer need you steal
from the other fountains.


Reviews, Reviews!

If you've already read Kisses after Midnight and would like to share your opinion of the eBook, please log onto Amazon.com and do a short review and star rating. Let me and the world know what you think.

Hot Shorts

"Study Session" Part II

The cloud of exhaust and dust left by the city bus slowly cleared around Tessa.  Sighing, she blinked the dust from her eyes and began the brief walk to Mercedes’s house. 

Already she could see the brick lined walkway and the empty porch swing swaying in the breeze.  She walked the block and a half with feet that longed to turn back and run in the opposite direction. 

At the door, she hitched her bookbag on her shoulder and sighed again, before rapping quickly on the dark wood.  A jet-skinned amazon answered almost immediately. 

“Hey, Stacy.”  Tessa greeted her Mercedes’s lover with a spasm that she hoped passed for a smile.
“Mercedes is in the sunroom.”  Stacy gestured down the hall.  “She was about to call and make sure you were coming over.”

I almost didn’t.  “My bus was running late.  You know weekend traffic.”

Tessa suddenly got the impression that Stacy was checking her out—tits, ass, and last of all her face—as if seeing her for the first time.   But that was probably wishful thinking on her part.  If she couldn’t have Mercedes, why shouldn’t her girlfriend at least show some interest?
“Come on in.” 
Tessa walked reluctantly into the cozy little house and followed Stacy down the hall.
Mercedes was sitting on the floor with her books spread around her, already scribbling in the thick literature notebook.  Today her hair was pulled back from her face with a deep red ribbon.

“Honey, I’ll see you later.”  Stacy bent her face to Mercedes’s.  Tessa looked away as their lips met and rummaged pointlessly through her own books.

“Bye, Tessa.” 

She only looked up after Stacy had disappeared and the sound of her footsteps was already fading down the walk.
“Sorry about yesterday.”  Tessa dropped her books on the floor and sat down.

Mercedes met her eyes.  “So what’s really going on with you, Tessa? We can’t do this with you acting like a lunatic.  This is our final project, and I didn’t invest all this time and money just to fail because we couldn’t get along.  So tell me what’s up.”  Mercedes tilted her head to one side and waited.

Tessa opened her notebook to an empty page.  “Nothing that I haven’t taken care of already.” Her corners of her mouth tucked up.  “Thanks for your patience.”

So Mercedes had to drop it. 
“Alright that’s the last section.  Let’s finish up tomorrow.”  Mercedes closed her laptop.  “Stace will be back in a few and I promised her I’d be done by the time she got back.”

“She has big plans for you huh?”  The unbidden image of a naked Mercedes, back muscles tense and straining above Stacy made Tessa’s cheeks burn.  She started shoving books into her backpack.  Why did their sessions all end like this?

“More interesting than what you have to offer, at least.”
Tessa’s head snapped up.  Mercedes raised an eyebrow at her study partner’s expression.  “You know. . . studying. Our Lit-Crit presentation.”   She smiled.

Tessa shot to her feet.  “Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow then.”  She was gone before Mercedes could react.
Real smooth, Tessa.  Real smooth.

(to be continued)

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