Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 2012 Newsletter

I love cherries! I also love carbs. For part of January and most of February, I followed through on a 30-day no carb challenge. It was particularly rough at the Super Bowl party - chips, chocolate cake, rice and peas. The agony! But I lived through it, hopefully wiser about my carb intake. I don't HAVE to eat an entire bowl of white rice with melted butter and a side of hot coco bread. Delicious, but not necessary.

Even with my no-carb suffering, I had hoped to finish up the novella, Nightshade, and have it ready by today. But I've been having some cover issues and hope they will be resolved soon so the book can go up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. in the next couple of weeks. Look out for it!

Enjoy your March and the melting away of winter. May the spirit of Spring come to you early and often until we connect again.

- Fiona

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Anonymous said...

Just read Nightshade and enjoyed the characters. However, some unanswered coincidences and the feeling that this novella could go onto something deeper? Was that the purpose to sound out ideas for a full novel? Anyway then the quirky Dahlia got my interest as she somehow had an Australian accent? I was curious to find out her story as I am Australian and very few characters I come across are. So ? Good but would be happy to read about these pep people more

Fiona Zedde said...

hi there!

thanks for posting here. i'm glad you enjoyed nightshade. it's definitely meant to be a taste versus a full meal. i have plans for fleshing out something larger - which includes dahlia - a bit down the line once wynne matures a bit more. i'm happy you are intrigued and hope you'll enjoy the follow up!