Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday, Monday

i have risen from the bowels of sleep with a purpose - to work. but as usual, got distracted by my inbox. one thing that stuck out from the rest of my mail was news of a new review of iridescence by the prolific and wonderful author, catherine lundoff. it's a fabulous one!

Review of "Iridescence"
"Iridescence: Sensuous Shades of Lesbian Erotica"Edited by Jolie Du Pré (Alyson, 2007)

"Iridescence" is a collection of lesbian erotica with characters from many cultural backgrounds. It is also probably one of the highest quality anthologies that I’ve read in the last few years.
There are interesting plots and settings, even some I haven’t run across before, and characters I’d like to spend more time with.

Have I mentioned that it’s hot? From C. B. Pott’s Akwesasne casino cop going home to her girlfriend after foiling a robbery to Fiona Zedde’s classical musician and her fan to the achingly poignant “Waiting” by Tenille Brown, this antho’s got range and, for that matter, legs. And it knows how to use them as well as a few other body parts. Jacqueline Applebee’s hot public sex in a British pub in “The Sound Inside,” the very sexy but doomed relationship between two First Nations sex workers in Jean Roberta’s “All My Relations” and Amanda Earl’s lovely “Daughter of Haiti” get you hot while making you question your assumptions about a lot of things.That’s not all. There are painters, mechanics, movies stars and women on the run – a whole spectrum of sex between women shows up in one form or another in this book. And it’s done well.

I’m impressed, especially since this is the first anthology Jolie has edited. I’m looking forward to her next anthology while I reread this one in the meantime.

good vibes all around. congrats on a great job, jolie!

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