Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Morning After

The house was packed last night! Thanks to everyone for coming out to the reading and book party at Charis Books. By the time we left, all the drinks, fruit, and most of the cake was finished. Thanks for celebrating well so we didn’t have to take it home with us : ). It was great to see some of you all out at the club afterwards where lots of grooving was had and people took advantage of the $2 drinks.

Overall, the night was a success. The rain held off and people who I hadn’t see in ages – or who I only see once a year – came by and shared their hugs with me. One of the local radio stations came over to tape the reading and the Amazing Jennifer again recorded the event for posterity. The only fly in the ointment – Me. I don’t know if it was being in front of SO many people or just knowing the fact that I was being recorded for the radio, but the reading was certainly not all it could have been. I fumbled so many times and didn’t take the time to chat with the crowd like I normally do. Now I realize that more than anything the chatting helps both me and the people watching/listening to warm up and relax. So, there was no foreplay. No warm up. I just jumped straight into the session and boy oh boy…. Ah well. I’ll keep that in mind for next time.

Especially because of that, I want to thank folks for their patience and sweetness after - to Corticia, Joslyn, Mimi, Joelle, Kathi, Ronni, Dorothy, Brenda Joyce, Debra, Anne, Annie, Sara, Rhonda, Malika, Dionne, Akwe, Candace, Kia, Lacey, Jetta, West, Davone, Shirley, Yolo, Jenny, Asha, Red, Claudia, Keturah, Colette, Sarah, Michelle, Karen (times 2), Linda (times 3), Zenobia, and everyone else who helped to fill up the Charis space. I’m glad I have you all in my life.

And, as always, BIG BIG thanks to the newly Mini-Motoring Mckenzie for being there (and here). For being a shoulder, an ear, and a source of good feedback. I love me some you.

Happy rainy Sunday, all. I hope you’ll be able to stay in and enjoy the pretty precipitation from a warm and cozy place.

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