Sunday, January 31, 2010

Black Love

It's absolutely perfect that February is the month of love AND of celebrating black history. Another month-long excuse to love yourself and another beautiful afro-god(dess) spiritually, physically, and honestly. Never mind that February is the shortest month. It's about the quality of time spent, not the quantity.
As for me, I plan on a trip to the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center in Fort Lauderdale. After (or before) that I will watch When Night is Falling (my new copy on DVD!) at least once more, and then take myself off to the spa for a day of self-appreciation.
Ah, black love!
February Appearances
Saturday, February 13, 2010. 4 PM - 5 PM.
Gay Black Heritage Literary Cafe
Join me, Skyy, and other authors for a reading and discussion at the Breath of Life Fellowship Community Church (BOLFCC) 2210 East 3rd Ave, Tampa, FL
Tuesday, February 23, 2010. 8:00 PM
A Live on-line discussion on Lesbian Fiction and Literature
To join log onto:
See you there!
Hot Shorts
From the upcoming novel Desire at Dawn
She tasted like fresh baked bread. Like the flavors from Kylie’s human life that had meant so much, that once made her tongue dance and wet itself and beg.

Kylie sniffed the woman cautiously, took her passive fear into her nose, ran her hands over the fear-stilled flesh. Bread and cheese, melting. Hm.
She tasted good. Like sitting on the front stoop waiting for her mother to come home while rain fell in lazy droplets ready to wash Naomi’s city smells away.

The woman stirred in Kylie’s arms. Twin red pinpricks dotted the curve of her throat. “Are you finished with me?” Her voice was fearful but excitement danced just beneath the words.
Kylie turned to see who had negated her although she already knew who had spoken. Silvija. Just a few feet away, barely sheltered by the trees in the woman’s front yard, she stood just behind Kylie’s mother. She was tall and fearsome while Belle, Kylie’s mother, was graceful and small, a gazelle waiting to run.
“No,” Kylie said again. “I am not finished with her.”
In her arms, the woman moaned softly and clung.
Silvija laughed. “Rebellion must run in the family.”
The look she leveled on Kylie was not amused. It was her first and last warning.
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Zedde said...

Black Gay Heritage Events
February 11th - 13th 2010

Feb. 11th at 7 PM

The screening of Unheard Voices at Breath of Life Fellowship Community Church (BOLFCC), 2210 East 3rd Ave, Tampa, FL. *Get a $5 Discount or Free Drink Ticket for the White Party with proof of attending Unheard Voices!

Unheard Voices: This provocative film features Lorenzo Robinson, Author and Play-write and provides a inspiring and informative view of the trials, joys and sorrows of Afrocentric Same Gender Loving Men and Women, with a very sensitive emphasis on HIV/Aids.

Feb. 12th at 10:30PM

RED: Valentines Night Club, 7522 North Armenia Ave, Tampa FL33604
GROWNGURL EVENTS invites you to RED: A Party in Red!
Wear your sexy red attire and join the celebration! Get a $5 Discount or Free Drink Ticket for the White Party with proof of attending RED!

Feb. 13th, 4:00PM to 5:00PM

The Literary Cafe @ BOFCC
The CAFE always provides views from national authors and speakers that are informative, entertaining, and inspiring. Authors will have books available for sale and signing. DON’T MISS THIS! These writers are changing the world.

Feb. 13th at 9PM

The WHITE PARTY: A Royal Affair, The Lion's Eye Institute Banquet Hall
1410 N.21st. in Ybor (21st and 4th Ave. *large red brick bldg) Tampa, FL
Sponsored by The Men of AAGOPA, Inc. along with Leading Guest Star, Desiree DeMornay! Advance Tickets are on sale now (ending January 29th) for the Bay Area's Premier event for People of Color in the Life.

Advance Discount Tickets:
General Admission: $15- $5 off
First Class $30: $5 off. *Includes Special Seating Area and 5 Drink Tickets

VIP! At Door $60, Advance Tickets are $10 off. *Includes Special Seating, Ambassador Drink Service, and Reserved Food Area.
Buy Tickets Online! Contact for Secure Ticket Purchase on Blue Pay.

A Golden Life... said...

Hola, Fiona!

Gracias por la informacion sobre "February 23, 2010."

Enjoyed the excerpt on Kylie and the ladies! Your writing is deliciously minimal and as usual refreshingly sensual, charming, enticing, as is your inimitable style.

Loved how tasting her was compared to fresh baked bread. That little Kylie promises to be a handful for Silvija, perhaps just what she needs. Did she love the fight out of Belle?

Enjoyed the sight of the picture you found to accompany the blog entry for Black Love. So grown and sexy yet little girl adorable, peeking into the cleavage, for treats!

You've got us spellbound again, my friend. So bring it on...

Fiona Zedde said...

thanks, goddess. glad you enjoyed it. these characters speak and all i can do is transcribe their words and thoughts.