Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year, New Dreams

Writer’s Note

Welcome to the new year! Only a few days into it, 2010 already feels like a year of positive change, excitement, and blessings to come.

With the help of wonderful friends, I'm making great headway on the eBook, Kisses After Midnight, slated to come out later this year while my website is being re-vamped and made even more fabulous. So stay tuned for that unveiling to come soon. The paperback novel, Dangerous Pleasures, is on my editor's desk going through its own particular process. All good things. All progress. All things for the new year and beyond.

In that vein, be prosperous and be well. The fortunes of the future are yours to seek now.

Hot Shorts

“Fast” Part V
[continued from last month]

Relief pushed aside Jette’s caution. She didn’t even bother to ask Luna how she got into the locked and alarmed car. “Where do you want to go?”
“Down to the beach.” Luna’s teeth glinted in the darkness. “Near the cliffs.”

They cruised down the boulevard, top down despite the rain-heavy gray clouds that floated above their heads. At the beach, Jette nosed the car past a high gate and down to a ramp leading to the water. Waves crawled up the beach, lapping at the Mustang’s tires.
Luna touched Jette’s thigh. “I hear you’ve been looking for me.”
“And you wanted to be found?”
“More or less.” Luna’s smile turned playful. “So now that you’ve found me, what are you going to do?”

Jette wasn’t used to all this talking. The other woman’s bright smile intimidated her, started a shiver of fear in her belly that she’d never known before. It felt good.
“Let’s go for a walk.” Jette opened the car door.

They made it as far as the hood of the Mustang before the rain started. They stopped and stood under the cool shower, watching each other. Silver droplets caught in Luna’s eyelashes and traced the full curve of her mouth.

“What do you want, Adrenaline Girl?”
“You tell me,” Jette said. “Aren’t you the one who’s sure that she knows what I want and how I want it.”

Luna chuckled again and stepped closer. Jette’s skin tingled in anticipation. Her world slowed, tilted until the warm hood of the Mustang was under her back. She closed her eyes. Rain danced against her mouth, streamed down her face and into her hair. Luna moved over her, shielding Jette from the rain. “I have exactly what you want right here.”

She tasted like a well-aged merlot, wet and soft, with a touch of oak and cardamom. Rain blinded Jette again as Luna moved away. She felt a hungry mouth nuzzling her throat, the delightful slide of the woman’s tongue on her skin.

The pain. It blossomed gently under the hothouse mouth. Jette gasped and swallowed rain, eyes fluttering, blinking quickly under the steady drops. It felt like she was losing her virginity again. Pleasure slowly obliterated the pain. Jette’s hands hooked in Luna’s hair, holding her against her throat, pressing the greedy mouth into her skin. Her body was wet from the inside out, spreading and softening under Luna’s hands.

Deft fingers floated over Jette’s belly, down to the zipper of her slacks. Luna opened her body, slid inside its welcoming heat. Her pussy clenched and sucked the fingers deeper. That’s when Jette felt it, a vibration like the roaring of the Mustang as it slid into third gear. Jette’s body trembled under the soft hand, then shook, then shuddered before finally coming to rest.

Luna slowly pulled away. “Now,” she said. “What can you do for me?” Her eyes glowed like headlights through the rain.
“I thought I already did it?” Jette touched her own throat, felt the rawness there. Her voice trembled. She knew exactly what had just happened. The part that most concerned her was that she’d let someone else do the driving. She said as much to her new lover.
Luna laughed, husky and low. “You are worth keeping.”

Jette once thought that death would come quickly. But now she knew better. Death was languorous and sweet, perfuming the air with the scent of blood and woman and jasmine. Death came at night, lingering over Jette’s throat and thighs with a hunter’s patience, drinking her fill, taking everything that Jette was or ever knew. Slowly.

**First published in VA-VA-VOOM: Red Hot Lesbian Erotica. Edited by Astrid Fox, 2005.


Laurence Hunt said...

Congratulations on the writing and progress towards publication. Quality is concern number one. Getting it completed is a close number two!

A Golden Life... said...
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A Golden Life... said...

Jette and Luna, like their names, are intoxicating together, in the rain, with the fem having her pleasure! Love it!

Reading it is much akin to slipping low in a movie seat and hoping the final scene never comes.