Friday, April 2, 2010

April Showers - Newsletter

Spring Showers

Spring truly kicks off with some lovely and unexpected news: Hungry for It was in good company in Curve Magazine's list of "Lesbian Books for Spring: More than 150 Fascinating Finds." Good to know that people are still reading and loving what they read.

Among the other books in the list is Professor L. H. Stallings' Mutha' is Half a Word, a book on queerness and myth in black female culture. Later on in the month, I will be sitting with one of Professor Stallings' classes to discuss my first book, Bliss, which the students are currently reading. I'm interested to hear the academic take on the novel.

April is a ripe month for possibilities. Pick fat, beautiful fruit and enjoy.

April Signings and Appearances

Thursday, April 15, 2010
University of Indiana, Bloomington
The Black Novel (Forms, Tropes, and Genre)
Class discussion and question/answer session on the novel, Bliss.

Thursday, April 22, 2010 @ 10:30 PM
Lara Zielinsky's Radio Show

Sign onto the Blog Talk Radio website the fourth Thursday of April when I chat with wonderful Florida-based writer, Lara Zielinsky, about books, sex, love, and everything in between.

Saturday, April 30, 2010 @ 7 PM
Charis Books and More
1189 Euclid Avenue Atlanta, GA 30307

Join me at Charis for a farewell reading and signing before I leave Atlanta for parts further south. I'll be signing any and all of my novels and will have copies of the ebook, Kisses after Midnight for sale as well.

Kisses after Midnight

Kisses now available to everyone. Sort of.

I've has many requests from readers who don't have a Kindle but still want to receive Kisses after Midnight as soon as possible. And since my new website is taking longer than anticipated to come online, the PDF of the eBook won't be available until May, at the earliest.

As an intermediate step, anyone who wants a copy of the eBook in non-Kindle format can contact me at my email address ( to get one sent directly to their email inbox at a discounted price. Order the Kindle eBook from Amazon here.

Rumi: Verse of the Month

Let the lover be disgraceful,
crazy, absentminded.
Someone sober will worry
about things going badly.
Let the lover be.

 -- From Essential Rumi by Coleman Barks

Reviews, Reviews!

If you've already read Kisses after Midnight and would like to share your opinion of the eBook, please log onto and do a short review and star rating. Let me and the world know what you think.

Hot Shorts/Workshop Excerpt

A participant's piece from my November 2009 Mini Erotica Workshop at Bound to be Read Books in East Atlanta.

I like to watch, so she covered my eyes.  I heard her behind me, then felt her pull the bindings taught around my wrists and felt her long hair brush between my shoulder blades.  She stretched her fingers out and scraped along my bare thigh as she moved to the front of the chair. 

She placed my left foot between her hands and let the heat emanate into them.  Then she began to knead the top of my foot and worked her way down to the sole, pummeling it lightly with her tiny fist.  She massaged my right foot.  And then the kiss on my inner ankle, followed by a lick, and a soft exhalation that chilled my skin.  

Moving to the other side, a little further up the leg:  kiss, lick, blow, now nip.  And then back to the other leg: kiss, lick, blow, bite.  Slowly, she snaked up my legs, her arms slithering around my limbs, pushing them apart, opening me up wider.  She grabbed the short, curly hairs on the inside of my thighs with her teeth and pulled on them, the flesh straining in a tiny tug of war. 

The darkness magnified the smack of her lips, the scratch of her tongue, the slide of her fingers along my flesh.  My head felt light as the blood in my body pooled into the swirling vortex of my crotch.  And then she she-dragon devoured me.

-- by Jef Blocker

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