Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Dreams - July Newsletter

Two hectic months have gone by too quickly: A move from Atlanta. New Orleans for a bit for the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival. A two week trip to Nicaragua. And now, jumping headfirst into a new project - a young adult novel called "Dreaming in Color." It's wonderful to be so busy in these heated days of summer.

Cool breezes and summer splendor to you.

Upcoming Events

Tampa Black Pride Presents:

Thursday, July 1, 2010
6 PM - 10 PM                      
Tampa Black Pride Host Hotel Comfort Inn Conference Center
820 East Busch Boulevard Tampa, FL 33612


Artists will be on-site after the performance to sell their books, CDs, and other merchandise. 


For more information, check out the Tampa Black Pride website:

Kisses after Midnight

The artist with a secret passion. An assassin on the hunt. A Jamaican exiled in snow. These are just a few of the women who come to life in this seductive collection of thirteen stories by novelist, Fiona Zedde.

Exploring themes of love, desire, liberation, and loss, these stories take the reader on a journey into the hearts and minds of unforgettable characters who linger long after the last page has turned.

If you read and enjoyed any of Fiona's previous novels - Bliss Taste of Sin,Every Dark Desire, or Hungry for It - this is an anthology not to be missed.

For a copy of the new ebook in Kindle form, log onto For a copy of Kisses as a downloadable PDF directly from me, send an email request to

Hot Shorts

"Study Session"


“I suppose that’s a valid interpretation of that piece, but I disagree.” Mercedes Leroux spread her fingers across the pages of the thick text book and adjusted her body in the uncomfortably hard library chair.

Tessa, her study partner nodded from across the table. “OK, Mercedes. So we agree to disagree.” Tessa crossed her legs under the thin blue skirt and looked away from the flash of silver in Mercedes’s tongue. “We don’t have to discuss that segment in our presentation.”

“Or we can present both perspectives and give them a chance to make up their own minds,” Mercedes said in the tone of one who knew that she was right, all other opinions be damned. She leaned over to type on her laptop, stroking the smooth, dark keys with her nimble fingers. Her tongue snaked out to touch her upper lip.
“True, but we don’t want to make it seem like we couldn’t reach a conclusion on our own.”

“That’s hardly the case, we just can’t come to an agreement—”
“And that’s worse.” Tessa took off her glasses and carefully put them on the table.

Mercedes tapped her short stub of a pencil against her lower lip and watched Tessa through narrowed eyes. The wild coils of Africa-hair framing her face made her look angelic even as her tongue made another appearance to tease the rubber tip of the clit-sized pencil. It was getting the best, and probably only, blowjob of its short life.

“This is getting us nowhere,” Mercedes muttered. “Let’s just call it a night and start fresh tomorrow.”
It wasn’t a suggestion. That much was obvious when Mercedes closed the machine down.

“Alright.” Tessa quickly conceded the point and moved to gather her books, taking care to not brush against Mercedes. This project would actually be going much better if Tessa didn’t find herself well and truly in lust with her study partner. Everything about the other girl distracted Tessa, made her want to be naked and sweaty under Mercedes’s skin that was more milk than chocolate, made her ache for those vermilion lips to slide over her clit.

And there was her obsession with Mercedes’s breasts. She had only been rewarded with the most teasing of glimpses of that glorious part of her anatomy even in the swollen abundance of the Florida heat. Tank tops were always shielded by an armload of books or, in the cold classroom, an inconvenient sweater. Her tongue curled into itself at the thought of those breasts, of licking them, of sucking the nipples until they were hard and wet.

“That’s my notebook you’re shoving in your bag.”
Tessa fought the sudden heat that rose in her face. “Sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it, just hand it over.” A smile transformed the words into a gentle tease. Tessa’s own mouth twitched in automatic response as she jerked the three-ring binder out of her backpack and slid it across the table. All without looking up.           

“Thanks.” The word rolled sweet and sensuous from the other woman’s mouth—a mouth, Tessa had long ago decided, that was made for eating pussy.

"I’ll walk you to your dorm.”
Mercedes had her computer packed up and ready to go. She adjusted the carrying case over her shoulder and started to follow Tessa out of the small study area.

“Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t need a senior escort.” She only needed one thing right now, and a sexless walk to her empty dorm room wasn’t it.

Mercedes’s smile made another appearance. “Don’t be so butch.” Tessa finally looked at her. Of course, Mercedes knew she was into girls. “This may be a small town, but there are still nut balls out there. Besides I’d feel guilty letting you walk over to the other side of campus by yourself.”

Tessa nodded. “Alright then.”

They stepped into the steamy Florida spring night and drew in a lungful of honeysuckle and orange blossom scented air. This was definitely worse than the library. Tessa longed for the formality of the air-conditioned building, heavy with the scent of books and old money. Out here the very breeze whispered of sex, nearly begging her to dwell on the high curve of Mercedes’s ass, its deliciously rhythmic one-two sway under the loose denim jeans.

I want to fuck you. The thought passed with surprising ease through her mind.

It was nearly one o’ clock in the morning. The library courtyard was empty, quiet except for Mercedes and Tessa’s footsteps. They crossed the overpass in this silence, the occasional whine of a passing car its only interruption. Tessa was pitifully close to the breaking point, her body ached for the twin pressure of the cement wall at her back and Mercedes’s naked skin against her breasts and between her thighs.

Mercedes cleared her throat. “So are you doing alright, Tessa?”

She jerked her head in a simulation of a nod. “Never better.”

"Then am I wrong in thinking that there’s something bothering you lately?”

Lately? You bother me all the time. This is nothing new. “What makes you think that there’s something wrong?” Tessa threw her a quick glance from the corner of her eyes. “Is the pace of the work not enough for you? What is it?”

“OK, let me ask this another way. What’s up with this Miss Bitch attitude? Not getting off enough lately?”

“Fuck you.” Her tone was fierce, almost desperate.

“Wait a second.” She put out her hand, the long fingers spread wide.

Tessa stopped. Please touch me. She moved back, first one step then two.

“What the fuck? I’m not going to—” Mercedes looked at Tessa’s face, at her glazed eyes and stiff shoulders. “Alright. Screw it. Walk your own damn self home.”

Tessa watched her turn around and disappear down the incline into the library parking lot. Seconds later, she heard a car engine then saw the flare of headlights.

Tessa was paralyzed by this want, paralyzed and stupid. She slumped against the cement wall and released a tense breath.

That didn’t just happen. I did not make myself look like a complete asshole. She groaned and put her hand to her side where Mercedes almost touched her.

Rumi of the Month

"You try to be faithful
And sometimes you're cruel.
You are mine. Then, you leave.
Without you, I can't cope.

And when you take the lead,
I become your footstep.
Your absence leaves a void.
Without you, I can't cope.

You have disturbed my sleep,
You have wrecked my image.
You have set me apart.
Without you, I can't cope."
— Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi (Love: The Joy That Wounds: The Love Poems of Rumi)


Anonymous said...

I love it...the story, the ladies, and of course, the poem. They have a friction that promises to be fulfilled.

Am looking forward to slowing down to relish Kisses At Midnight.

Paz y amor,

Anonymous said...

Kisses After Midnight. In my haste to read more, my fingers race. Forgive me.


Fiona said...

thanks for your comment Golden Goddess and wonderful thoughts, as always.