Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love, Lovers, Beloveds

Well, the book is finally out! It's been so long that I'd almost forgotten the mania and excitement and anxiety that come with a new release. "Will the readers like it?" "What parts should I choose to read at the signing?" "What are the reviewers going to say?" But I have definitely been reminded.

Dangerous Pleasures' arrival was a great birthday present - it came out the day after my birthday - and the book release party in Tampa was a fabulous continuation of the birthday celebrations. The party itself was a wonderful success. I can't thank enough the people who came out to share this tremendous occasion with me. Five print books in and I still feel giddy....

To fĂȘte Dangerous Pleasures, spread the word in your communities about the book, write an online review, put a fresh copy in a friend's hands. And, as always, thank you for reading my books and supporting bookstores.
Until next time, celebrate love. Celebrate Black history. Celebrate Life.

- Fiona

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