Thursday, June 21, 2007

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"a dark and passionate read"

To Naomi McElroy, family meant everything. Taking care of your family, the house; that is what was embedded in her. But inside Naomi dreamed and wanted more. So when they came and found Naomi she was ripe for the picking. She was seduced in a beautiful garden under the full moon. And on that night and under the full moon, she became someone else, someone that thrived on the hungers of blood, and the erotic nature of the taste of blood, the Undead. She now lives with the hungers for blood that will never go away. She is no longer known as Naomi McElroy, but as Belle. She now has a new family, a vampire family. They all share the ups and the downs of the struggle and need for blood.

In Belle's new life she craves and needs desire and passion to thrive. Belle is drawn to this new life, but she also hates the new way of life she is living. The joys of the way her body has changed and grown, the way she now has such strong senses, the strength of her new body, the way other sicknesses could have killed her, now they can't. Her new lover, Silvija, can give Belle what no other can; the feeling of what skin to skin connection with a lover that knows what you need and crave. The pains of betrayals from ones you thought you knew, the pain of losing ones you love; this all comes with Belle's new life. Can Belle, with the help of her new clan, come through these rough times, and deal with the loss the people and the life she had?

Oh "WOW", I want more by this author! The way she wrote this story was so passionate that I couldn't put it down. I will be reading the others before this story to get a chance to see where this all came from. I loved Belle. The way Fiona wrote the soft side of Belle but then also her "Kick Ass" side that will not allow you to hurt anyone she loves drew me like no book has in a long time. This author is going places, and straight to the number one spot.

- Nicole Harvey/

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