Saturday, June 9, 2007

Commercial Break while still being on topic

since i promised myself that i'd stay on topic instead of diving off into dangerous tangents, let me just say that i'm really enjoying the countdown of weeks until EVERY DARK DESIRE comes out. i've been trolling bookstores around atlanta to see if some have gotten surprise copies in yet. so far, no sightings. (sigh)

a few days ago i had a wonderful interview with renair amin of pymner( out of new york city. we chatted about the new book and the whole idea of following dreams and living the life that you see for yourself. soon i'll have the podcast and will hopefully figure out a way to share it with you.

and now, about my latest obsession.... since october, i've been car-less and elected to remain (at times painfully) so until after graduation. in june 2008, i will invest in one of two cars. they are both so gorgeous that it's difficult for me to decide.

Or some version of

by the time i'm ready to buy, both cars will probably have significant changes to them, but for now i'm having a lovely time drooling over both and compulsively comparing insurance and gas costs.

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